The Best Western McCarran Inn (tel. +1(0)702 798 5530) is located near the airport. For more hotels and on line reservations please go to This website offers a wide range of hotels, at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

Both terminals have many shops, restaurants and (snack) bars. However, the price of food and drink are generally quite high.


Baggage lockers can be found at several places in the terminals, after the safety checks. Rate: USD 2.00 to USD 3.00 per suitcase. For lost and found items, please go to the central hall or contact tel. +1(0)702 261 5134.


All terminals have service desks where you can get information about the airport and timetables. There are information posts where you can ask for information by pressing zero. There are also many volunteers at McCarran that can assist you. At various places on the airport you can get tourist information, book hotel rooms or arrange for a chauffeur-driven car.


The airport has several internet, translation and fax facilities. For more business facilities you can go to one of the many hotels near the airport. T2 has a VIP room.

Access for disabled people

McCarran has toilets people with reduced mobility and (TDD /LED) telephones for the hearing impaired. Furthermore, the airport has wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

All terminals have ATMs. T2 has an exchange office. There are fitness facilities with a sauna, an aviation museum, an art museum, playgrounds and First Aid stations. The airport also has a quick check-in service. There are free computer kiosks (T1) and free wireless internet.