Santa Cruz de La Palma airport:

La Palma Airport (SPC)

La Palma Airport

The information on this page is about the airport on the Canary Island La Palma, not to be confused with Las Palmas in Gran Canaria or with Palma de Mallorca. La Palma Airport processes about one million passengers per year, but more are expected in the coming years. Therefore, a new expansion of the airport is being worked on, there is a new control tower, the runway will be renovated and a new terminal is also being built. The activities will be completed in 2010. The airport will then, have the capacity for three million travelers per year.

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Local transport


There are no trains operating on La Palma.

Car and bus

The airport is eight kilometers from the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma and is connected to it by the LP-138 that goes under the runway, this road connects to the LP-132 to Fuencaliente.

Buses from Transportes Insular de La Palma (tel: +34(0)922 411 924) leave every half hour to the capital Santa Cruz, via Mirador, Salinas and Cancajos.

Car rental - La Palma Airport

In the Arrivals Hall there are counters for car rental companies: Avis, Betacar, Cicar, Atesa, Autos Ancar and Hertz. You can also reserve a rental car in advance using the service EasyTerra provides, they compare the rates of several providers in a single quote.


Taxis are outside the terminal (tel: +34(0)922 440 825). The prices are fixed at €0.45 per kilometer with a start price of €2.54, there is an airport surcharge of €1.65 at night between 22:00–06:00, and on Sundays and holidays the prices are approximately 20% higher.

Airport Parking

There are places for about 800 cars in the parking area in front of the terminal. Parking is still free, but the question is, whether this remains or not. The operator Aena will probably introduce prices which are comparable with other airports in the Canary Islands.



Hotels in the vicinity of the airport include the H10 Costa Salinas (tel: +34(0)922 434 348), Aparthotel Hacienda San Jorge (tel: +34(0)922 181 066) and Hotel Taburiente Playa (tel: +34(0)922 181 277). For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

La Palma Airport is a small airport, there are two snack bars and one restaurant. Furthermore, there are a few shops. Be advised: the Canary Islands have a separate status, there are limits on the export of tobacco and alcohol.


You cannot store baggage at this airport. For lost and found items you can go to the general service counter.


In the Central Hall there is a general service counter from Aena, the operator of most Spanish airports. In addition there are counters from Iberia (tel: +34(0)922 426 162) and the Tourism Bureau (tel: +34(0)922 426 212).


The Taburiente Room offers facilities such as fax, telephone and computers with internet connection, the room is for rent, and there are places for 25 people. Further information available through (tel: +34(0)922 426 115).

Disabled facilities

The airport is accessible for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted restrooms. For assistance you can go to the service counter from Aena.

Other services

There are ATM's, and by one of the cafes there is a play corner for children.



Aeropuerto de La Palma
La Bajita
s/nº. 38738 Villa de Mazo
Sta. Cruz de La Palma

Telephone, fax, email

Telephone: +34(0)922 426 200
Fax: +34(0)922 426 219

Airport codes

IATA airport code: SPC
ICAO airport code: GCLA