The Hilton Hotel (tel. +61(0)3 8336 2000) is located only 100 meters from the airport. Just outside the airport you will find a Holiday Inn (tel. +61(0)3 99 33 5111) and a Motel Formule 1 (tel. +61(0)3 83 36 1811). For more hotels and on line reservations, please visit They offer a wide range of hotels at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

Especially terminals 2 and 3 have many shops, restaurants and (snack) bars.


SmarteCarte baggage lockers are located on the ground floor of T2. Rate: AUD 10.00 to AUD 20.00 per item. It is also possible to have your baggage wrapped in plastic at Protectabag. For lost and found items, please go to the information desk at T2 (tel. +61(0)3 9297 1805). Did you lose anything in T1, then please contact Qantas (tel. +61(0)3 8336 4100).


The terminals have service desks that have information about the airport and timetables. At the travelers' information desk in T2 (tel. +61(0)3 9297 1805) you can ask for tourist information, book trips, arrange for wheel chairs, but also inquire about lost and found items.


At the Holiday Inn and the Hilton Hotel (tel. +61(0)3 8336 2000) near the airport there are Business Centers with several office and meeting rooms.

There are several lounges at the airport.

Access for disabled people

Melbourne Airport has toilets for people with reduced mobility and telephones for the hearing impaired (T2). There are especially reserved parking spaces for disabled people. Furthermore, the airport has wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets. For more information please go to the travelers information desk at T2's arrival hall (tel. +61(0)3 9297 1805).

Other services

All terminals have ATMs. T2 has banks and exchange offices. There are many internet kiosks and the airport has Wi-Fi (tel. +61(0)3 9297 1999). T1 has a medical aid station (tel. +61(0)3 9338 8975). Near the runway you will find an 18- holes golf course (tel. +61(0)3 9338 4595).