At the airport entrance lies the Ohana Honolulu Airport Hotel (Tel. +1 808 836 0661). Other hotels nearby Honolulu Airport include Pacific Marina Inn (Tel. +1 808 836 1131), Best Western Plaza Hotel (Tel. +1 808 836 3636) and the Shower Tree Hostel (Tel. +1 808 833 1411). Business hotels can be found in Honolulu's center such as the Sheraton-Hawaii Bowl‎ (Tel. +1 808 523 3688) and the Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel‎ (Tel. +1 808 539 3000). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Honolulu offers a large range of restaurants, cafés and (snack) bars, including fast-food chains like Burger King and Pizza Hut. There are also a fair number of stores, including a duty-free shop, but you definitely won't spend hours here.


For security reasons it's not possible to store baggage at Honolulu Airport. There's a lost-and-found desk (Tel. +1 808 836 6547) on the ground floor of the parking garage at the Overseas Terminal.


You'll find general information desks scattered around the terminals. Here you can inquire about Honolulu Airport, flight schedules and airport services. Tourist information is offered by the kiosks of the State Visitor Information Program (Tel. +1 808 836 6413).


There's a Business Center (Tel. +1 808 834 0058) offering basic facilities such as faxing, copying and internet access in the central hall. Meeting space is available at the Garden Conference Center (Tel. +1 808 836 6459) and in the Inter-Island Terminal. Extensive business facilities are offered by the business hotels in Honolulu's center (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

Honolulu Airport has excellent accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators and toilets, low-hanging telephones and text telephones. Near the terminal entrances parking places have been reserved for disabled travelers.

Other services

You'll find exchange offices and ATM's scattered around the terminals. The First Aid station is located in the Overseas Terminal. One of Honolulu Airport's main attractions is the magnificently laid out tropical garden.