There are no hotels yet on the airport premises, although there are plans. Nearby hotels include: Crowne Plaza Hotel Denver International Airport (tel: +1(0)303 371 9494), Hyatt Place (tel: +1(0)303 371 0700), Courtyard by Marriott (tel: +1(0)303 371 0300), Hilton Garden Inn Denver Airport (tel: +1(0)303 371 9393) and La Quinta Inn and Suites (tel: +1(0)303 371 0888). For more hotels and to reserve online, visit, they offer a wide range of hotels at very reasonable internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

It is sometimes said that Denver Airport is a shopping mall with a runway. In other words, there is a wide variety of shops, fast food restaurants, snack bars and cafés. There are Duty Free shops at piers A and B.


For safety reasons there are no baggage safes at Denver Airport. You can, however, leave your baggage at the Airport Baggage Center (tel: +1(0)303 342 5858) on level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal, where there is also a lost and found desk (tel: +1(0)303 342-4062), open Monday-Friday 08:00-19:30 and during weekends until 18:00.


In the terminal building, there are so-called Airport Ambassadors, which can be recognized by their white cowboy hats. These volunteers can help you find your way around the airport. In addition, there are information desks (tel: +1(0)303 342 2000) throughout the terminal, and you can get assistance by dialing 2000 on one of the telephones.


The Qwest Business Center (tel: +1(0)303 317 0988) is located at pier B, computers and internet are available there. At pier A, there are two small meeting rooms available at $25.00 per hour, further information via the Public Affairs Office (tel: +1(0)303 342 2250). Extensive business facilities are available at hotels near the airport, including Hilton Garden Inn and Courtyard by Marriot, these hotels provide meeting rooms and conference rooms, as well as other business facilities.

Disabled facilities

Denver Airport has excellent facilities for disabled people. Modified elevators and toilets, wheelchair slopes, text telephones and disabled parking spaces. The shuttle buses of the long-term parking area are accessible for wheelchairs.

Other services

Denver Airport has four smoker's lounges. At level 6 there is a post office, open from 07:00-17:00 (not on Sundays). Free Wi-Fi internet is available throughout the terminal and at all piers. On level 6, there are two prayer areas: one ecumenical and a separate one for Muslims. The Credit Union bank on level 6 offers full financial services. Throughout the terminal, there are ATM's. The Denver Health Clinic (tel: +1(0)303 317 0607) is also located on level 6.