Hotel Casa Grande (Tel. +52(0)33 3678 9000) is located at the airport and is connected to the terminal via a covered corridor. Other hotels nearby the airport include Camino Real de Guadalajara (Tel. +52(0)33 3134 2424), Crowne Plaza Guadalajara (Tel. +52(0)33 3634 1034), Hotel Country Plaza (Tel. +52(0)33 3633 4633) and InterContinental Presidente (Tel. +52(0)33 3678 1234). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There's a limited range of restaurants, cafés and (snack) bars at Guadalajara Airport. Apart from one restaurant there are some (snack) bars and coffee shops, including a Starbucks. The number of shops is also limited.


You cannot store your baggage at Guadalajara Airport. There's a lost-and-found desk in the Arrivals Hall. You can also have your baggage wrapped in plastic.


For information about the airport services you best turn to your airlines counter. There's an information desk in the Arrivals Hall, but mainly for tourist information and hotel bookings.


Apart from some basic facilities such as faxing, copying and internet access in the VIP lounge (Salón Centurion) there are no business facilities available in the terminal of Guadalajara Airport. Extensive business facilities are offered by the airport hotel Casa Grande which has meeting space and conference rooms, and by Guadalajara's business hotels (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

Guadalajara Airport has excellent accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators and toilets, and also low-hanging telephones. On the parking lot, near the terminal entrance, places have been reserved for disabled travelers.

Other services

There are some banks, exchange offices and ATM's. Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is available at the airport, but not for free. You can use free Wi-Fi as a customer of Burger King or the Starbucks branch at Guadalajara Airport.