There are no hotels at this airport. Hotels nearby San Pedro Sula Airport include Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula Hotel‎ (Tel. +504(0)2 556 9600), InterContinental Hotel Real San Pedro Sula‎ (Tel. +504(0)2 545 2500) and Gran Hotel Sula‎ (Tel. +504(0)2 552 9999). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

The terminal of San Pedro Sula Airport is relatively small and there are a limited number of restaurants, (snack) bars and shops. This is likely to improve once the new terminal will open in 2015.


You cannot store your baggage at this airport. You can inquire about lost objects at the information desk or with the airport police.


There's an information kiosk in the central hall. Here you can not only get information about the airport, but also tourist information.


San Pedro Sula Airport doesn't offer business facilities. This is probably also going to change when the new terminal will be ready. Extensive business facilities are available in the business hotels in the city (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

San Pedro Sula Airport has good accessibility for the disabled. The Departure and Arrivals Halls as well as all other services are located on the ground floor. There are adapted toilets.

Other services

The terminal only offers basic services: a bank, some exchange offices and ATM's, and a post office. Again, once the new terminal will be opened in 2015 the level of services will be expanded.