There are no hotels at the airport. There is a counter for booking hotels in Terminal 2. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates. For further information, refer to our own page about hotels in Malaga.

Shops and restaurants

You can find Duty Free shops in the Commercial Center in the Departures Hall of Terminal 2, these are very busy, especially in the busy season. For more quiet bars and restaurants with more of a Spanish atmosphere go to Terminal 1, you can also find single standing stores here.


The airport does not have any facilities for storing baggage. If your baggage is lost, there is a counter for lost luggage in Terminal 1.


There are information counters in both terminals, the workers are easily recognizable by their mint green jackets.


The airport does not have a business center. There are VIP lounges with telephone, fax, and email capabilities available. The Costa del Sol VIP Lounge (tel: +34(0)95 - 2048823) can be rented for assemblies or conferences, you can find this in Terminal 2 as well as the Europa VIP Lounge (tel: +34(0)95 - 2048854).

Disabled facilities

There are parking spaces reserved for the disabled by the terminals. All airlines assist the disabled when necessary. The train station is only accessible by stairs.

Other services

The airport has a medical center, a pharmacy, a silence center (prayer space) and various travel agency counters.


There is an exposition room called the Sala de Exposiciones in the hallway connecting Terminal 1 and 2, officially the room is for the first director of the airport, Didier Daurat. The exhibitions of local artists change every month, therefore, if you have already been to Malaga Airport, the exhibition is still worth seeing, opening times: 10:00–13:30 and 17:00–21:00.

Further, Malaga Airport houses the National Aviation Museum where an overview of Spanish aviation is given. In the garden there is an original Beechcraft B-18, the museum only has scale models. Furthermore, there are motors and other equipment from the beginning of aviation until the present day, including pilot clothing, masks and old advertising posters for airline companies.