Hotels Malaga

Hotels Málaga

Hotels Málaga Airport

There aren't any hotels at Málaga airport. However, within a radius of 3 kilometres hotels can be found. One of the finer quality hotels is Novotel Málaga Aeropuerto. The Ibis hotel belongs to the same chain of hotels and is situated at the same distance. These hotels are located in the extensive industrial area around the city centre. From both the airport as well as the city centre the hotels can be reached within 10 minutes.

Hotels in the centre of Málaga

Good hotels need not be expensive in Málaga. Many hotels have special offers for 2 nights including tickets to the Picasso Museum, pride of the charming city. A hotel with such an offer is the 4 star Hotel Del Pintor.

Additional chains that are present in the city centre include AC Hotels and NH Hotels.

Backpackers, students and those who seek cheap accommodation can choose from a wide variety of hostels. Examples include hostels Picasso's corner, the Melting Pot and Casa Babylon. These hostels can be booked through several booking agencies and sites although they will not always have their own website.