There are no hotels at the airport. The nearest options are: Holiday Inn Alicante-Playa de San Juan (tel: +34(0)96 515 6185) and the five star Sidi San Juan Hotel (tel: +34(0)96 516 1300). Other possibilities are: Hotel Tryp Gran Sol, Hesperia Eurhotel and the Residencia Maya Hotel. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates. For further information refer to our own page about hotels in Alicante.

Shops and restaurants

Costa Blanca Plaza is the shopping and hospitality area of the airport. You can find eight cafes and four restaurants. There are also three Duty Free shops and a few very nice gift shops.


Check your baggage thoroughly when it comes from the baggage band, the baggage handlers at Alicante Airport are not always benevolent. You can make complaints at the counter by the baggage belts. That is also the counter where you can claim misplaced baggage. You cannot store baggage at the airport.

Lost and Found

You can contact the airport directly to recover any luggage or belongings that got left behind at the airport.

Email address:
Telephone number: +34 (0) 966 919 223
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:30


There is a general information counter by the check-in counters (tel: +34(0)96 691 9100). There is also a counter in the Arrivals Hall, but this is only open when it is very busy. Tourist information is available at the Valencia Tourism Bureau (tel: +34(0)96 691 9367) on the ground floor.


Alicante Airport has no conference facilities, for this you should go to Holiday Inn Alicante-Playa de San Juan (see Hotels), six kilometers from Alicante. There is an Ifach VIP-Lounge on the first level of the Departures Hall with telephone, fax and internet facilities (tel: +34(0)966 919 149), this lounge is only accessible for Business Class passengers.

Disabled facilities

Disabled passengers can be dropped off right in front of the entrance of the terminal. Special parking places are also right by the entrance, and the airport has wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators, restrooms and exits. Wheelchairs are also available.

Other services

You can find a pharmacy on the ground floor of the terminal, but the pharmacy is only open from 10:00–12:00 and from 16:00–20:00. There is a 24 hour First Aid post. There is a money exchange office on both the ground floor and the first level, there are also ATM's. The airport police is available at (tel: +34(0)966 919 223).