The are no hotels on the airport premises. The nearest option is the Pulkovskaya Hotel (tel: +7(0)812 140 3979), 5 kilometers from the airport. For more hotels and to reserve online, see, they have a large range of hotels at very reasonable internet rates.

Shopping and restaurants

In both terminals there are plenty of shops, restaurants, snack bars and cafés. The International Terminal has five Duty Free shops.


At the baggage handling areas in both terminals there are lost and found counters, Pulkovo 1 (tel: +7(0)812 723 8361) Pulkovo 2 (tel: +7(0)812 324 3787).


There are general information desks in both terminals (tel: +7(0)812 331 49 21). There are separate information desks for tourist information, in Pulkovo 1, in sector B of the Arrivals Hall, in Pulkovo 2, at the baggage handling area. For tourist information by phone (tel: +7(0)812 310 2822).


Saint Petersburg Airport has business lounges with telephone and fax facilities, in Pulkovo 1 (tel: +7(0)812 331 4786), in Pulkovo 2 (tel: +7(0)812 704 3434). In addition, there are meeting and conference rooms for a maximum of 120 people. For further information (tel: +7(0)812 324 3614, fax: +7(0)812 704 3682).

The Pulkovskaya Hotel (see Hotels), offers extensive business facilities, including meeting rooms, a conference hall for a maximum of 500 people, and a business center, this hotels also provides translation services.

Disabled facilities

Saint Petersburg Airport is very accessible for disabled people. There are modified elevators and toilets. In addition, assistance is available for boarding and disembarking.

Other services

In both terminals, there are exchange offices and ATM's. Also, both terminals have a post office, where you can use copying machines and telecommunication services. Wireless internet is available. In addition, there are First Aid stations in both terminals, Pulkovo 1 (tel: +7(0)812 704 1769), Pulkovo 2 (tel: +7(0)812 324 3734). There is also a pharmacy.