The airport does not have any hotels. The nearest hotels are: Radisson SAS Hotel Lisboa (tel: +351(0)2 004 5000) and the Holiday Inn Lisbon (tel: +351(0)2 004 4000). For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates. For further information, refer to our own page about hotels in Lisbon.

Shops and restaurants

There is a reasonable amount of choices of shops and restaurants. The Duty Free section is not very big. There are vending machines with soda, chocolates and candy in various places throughout the airport. After Customs in the Departures Hall there is a Harrods Café! In 2015 a new food court was opened, offering a wide range of delicacies and cafés.


The baggage handling sometimes goes slow. The counter for found objects can be found at the police station in the Arrivals Hall (tel: +351 (0)21 849 6132).


There are information counters in the Arrivals Hall as well as the Departures Hall. There is also a special tourist counter in the Departures Hall where you can get help reserving a hotel room and arranging transportation.


In the Arrivals Hall there is one lounge, the Ícaro Lounge. After Customs in the Departures Hall there are two lounges, the Apolo Lounge and the Ulisses Lounge. All lounges have internet, telephone, and fax capabilities. Furthermore, various airlines have their own lounges. The Lisbon Airport Public Relations Service (tel: +351(0)21 841 3500) offers assistance for organizing assemblies, conferences or press conferences.

Disabled facilities

Portela Airport has extensive facilities for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators, restrooms, and telephones. There are separate parking places reserved for the disabled, by the terminals.

Other services

The airport has a First Aid station in the Arrivals Hall and rooms for tending to babies. By the Gates in the Departures Hall, there are showers, which are not very cheap, almost €13.00. ATM's can be found throughout the airport and money exchange offices are also in the Arrivals and Departures Halls.

Field trips

The airport takes care of field trips for kids from 6-15 years old, the guided tour lasts approximately one and a half hours for a group of 30 children at most. Further information can be found with Lisbon Airport Passenger Service (tel: +351 (0)218 413 500).