The new Hotel Meeting (tel: +39(0)672 670 396) is only one kilometer from the airport. Other options that are close to the airport are: Hotel Palacavicchi (tel: +39(0)679 342 10), Appia Park Hotel (tel: +39(0)671 674 1) and Best Western Hotel Giardino D’Europa (tel: +39(0)672 222 52). For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

The airport has limited store offerings, but the usual items are available. There are no restaurants, but there are bars and coffee shops.


You can inquire about lost objects at the office of ENAC/DCA (Ufficio Oggetti Rinvenuti) on the first floor of the Departures Hall (tel: +39(0)679 348 320). You cannot store luggage.


The airport has four information counters where you can ask questions about the airport, arrival and departure times, etc.


The airport has no business facilities. In the general terminal there is a VIP lounge which is open 07.00–23.00.

Disabled facilities

Ciampino has adaptations for the disabled in the restrooms and elevators. Opposite the International Terminal there are six parking spaces reserved for the disabled. Most buses are not accessible for wheelchair users.

Other services

There are ATM's, a bank (Banca di Roma), a money exchange office and a post office. The First Aid station is situated in the Departures Hall (tel: +39(0)6 7949 4336). There is also a vaccination clinic (tel: +39(0)6 7949 4420).