Hotels Florence

Hotels Florence

Hotels Florence (Firenze) Airport

The nearest hotels are situated at a small distance from the Airport. Within a 2 kilometre radius one can find two hotels that belong to the Accor group. These are the Novotel Firenze Nord Aeroporto, a luxurious 4 star hotel and the Hotel Ibis Firenze Nord Aeroporto.

Hotels in the centre of Florence

The beautiful city centre houses a large amount of hotels. Many of these are situated within walking distance from the Piazza del Duomo, where the world famous Santa Maria del Fiore church is located. Many hotels are established in impressive buildings, an example is Hotel Accademia, which is situated in a 14th century building with marble floors.

Besides the numerous 4 star hotels and large chains that operate here, many 2 and 3 star hotels can be found in the city centre. Some things cannot be noticed from the outside althouh they are enchanting once inside. Beautiful architecture and decorational ornaments tickle the senses. Hotel Boticelli is a small scale 3 star hotel with amazing frescos, arches and a splendid view of the market square from many rooms. Those who wish to limit their expenses are more likely to visit Hotel La Noce, a 2 star hotel with fine rooms and low prices.

Not only the luxurious hotels are paved with impressive (neo)renaissance style, many guesthouses are well worth a visit. A good example is San Frediano Mansion, a 15th century building with some nice frescos at ground level.