The Sardegna Hotel (tel. +39(0)70 286 245) is located only a few kilometers from the airport. For more hotels and on-line reservations, please visit This website offers many hotels, at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

The airport has a few shops, restaurants, bars and fast-food options. Most of the shops and restaurants are located near departures on the first floor. There is a Panorama restaurant with a terrace on the second floor.


The baggage room and lost and found items are located inside the arrival hall at the information center (tel. +39(0)403 735 1449). There are two airline offices on the ground floor near the baggage claim belts. Airone (tel. +39(0)70 240 611) and Sogaerdyn (tel. +39 (0)335 123 2436).


In the arrival hall you will find an information desk, which will provide you with information about the airport and timetables. You can also get tourist information here.


The Business Center is located on the second floor. There are 6 offices and a fully equipped conference room with phone, fax, video screens, ADSL and Wi-Fi facilities. For more information, please use this contact form.

The airport has two VIP lounges, which are exclusively for Business Class travelers. These lounges are equipped with all modern comforts. For more information please contact (tel. +39(0) 70212076) or send an email.

Access for disabled people

All parking facilities have reserved spaces for disabled people. Furthermore, the airport has lifts and adapted toilets.

Other services

The airport has a bank, exchange office, post office and ATMs. The First Aid station is on the ground floor (tel. +39(0)70 241344).