There are five hotels at the airport: Sofitel (tel: +33(0)442 784 278), Novotel (tel: +33(0)442 899 044), Best Western (tel: +33(0)442 155 400), Ibis (tel: +33(0)442 796 161) and the budget hotel Etap (tel: +33(0)892 680 954), where the rate is €40,00 per room. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Marseille Airport has more bars, cafés and restaurants than stores. Besides snack bars you can also find a brasserie, a bakery, a sport and news cafe and a Häagen-Dazs.

The shopping area is limited, there is one Duty Free shop.


On the ground floor of Hall 4 is an office for lost and found objects (tel: +33(0)442 142 410). In Hall 1 there is a place for baggage storage with Bagages du monde, and they can also deliver baggage to specific addresses.


There are three information counters, one in the Arrivals space of Hall 1 and 4 and also in the Departure Zone of Hall 1. These counters are open 24 hours per day, for information about the airport, flight schedules and tourist information. Flight information can also be found on the automatic telephone system (tel: +33(0)442 142 020).


There are two VIP lounges: Cézanne (1st floor Hall 1) and Luberon (1st floor Hall 4). The business center (tel: +33(0)442 142 774) can be found on the 1st floor of Hall 4. There are office spaces to rent and conference rooms for up to 250 people. All spaces have been equipped with telephone, fax, internet and audiovisual equipment. The business center also offers other services such as catering and limousines with a driver. You can find an extensive overview of the rates on the website of the airport.

Disabled facilities

The airport is completely adapted for wheelchair users. On the 1st floor of Hall 4 there is a special reception room for the disabled. If assistance is necessary you can call Idem Multiservices (tel: +33(0)442 142 742).

Other services

In Halls 1 and 4 there are ATM's. A money exchange office can be found in Hall 1 as well as a Bank (Credit Mutual Bank). In the same hall, there is a pharmacy (open from 08:00–19:00). In Hall 4 there is a First Aid station (tel: +33 (0)442 142 424). Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is present in the boarding lounges and VIP lounges.