There are no hotels near the airport. Hotel La Ferme de Thoudiere (tel. +33(0)4 76 65 48 60) lies 2 kilometers from the airport. A little further away (11 km) is Hostellerie De Chambaran (tel. +33(0)4 74 54 02 18). For more hotels and on line reservations please go to This website offers a wide range of hotels, at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

There are a few shops, restaurants and (snack) bars.


There is a service desk for lost and found items at the terminal (tel. +33(0)476 654 848).


There are information desks at the terminal that provide information about the airport and timetables (tel. +33(0)4 766 548 48).


The Express service provides quick service for check-in and airport transfers. In addition to this, there are VIP Lounges with Wi-Fi connections and other business facilities. Also, there are meeting rooms for rent (tel. +33(0)4 766 548 48).

Access for disabled people

The airport has especially reserved parking spaces for disabled people. Furthermore, the airport has wheel chair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

There are an ATM, First Aid Station and a mailbox.