Hotel La Signora (tel. +033(0)4 9565 9300) is situated near Calvi Airport. For more hotels and on line reservations, please visit This website offers a wide range of hotels, at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

The airport has a few shops, restaurants and (snack) bars.


For lost and found items, please contact tel. +33(0)800 306 090.


There is an information desk at the airport's central hall, which provides information about the airport and timetables.


The airport does not have special business facilities. For more information please call the airport's general number (tel. +33(0)4 9565 8888).

Access for disabled people

St. Catherine Airport has adapted elevators and toilets. There are also especially reserved parking spaces for disabled passengers. For more information about assistance at the airport please call Casavia (tel. +33(0)4 9565 8800). 

Other services

The airport has a mailbox and a First Aid station.