Local transport


The so-called A’REX (Tel. +82(0)32 745 7788) subway trains connect Incheon Airport with the other airport of the South Korean capital, Gimpo Airport, and continue via Digital Media City and Hongik University to Seoul Station in the city center. The Express trains leave on the hour and on the half hour and cover the total distance in 43 minutes; the normal trains take ten minutes more.

Car and bus

The airport is situated 70 kilometers west of Seoul. From the city the airport is easily accessible by rental car. There's a special road exclusively for traffic to and from the airport, the Incheon International Airport Expressway. Note: once you're on this freeway you cannot get off until the end point! The Gangbyeonbukro freeway, which runs straight through Seoul, connects with the freeway to the airport.

Several buses connect Seoul Incheon Airport with various destinations in the city and other places and provinces. Count at least an hour to get from the airport to the city center.

Car rental Seoul Incheon Airport

You'll find a counter of car rental companies in the Arrivals Hall. Only two rental companies are present at Seoul Incheon Airport: Avis and Kumho Rent-A-Car.


You'll find many taxis outside the Arrivals Hall, divided into Standard taxis, DeLuxe taxis and Deluxe Jumbo taxis (minibuses). The rate for a ride to Seoul ranges from 45,000 won for a standard taxi to 80,000 won for a luxury taxi. There are also so-called International Taxis (platform 4D), which are reserved for foreigners and charge a fixed rate.

Airport Parking

A large short-term parking garage is connected with the terminal. There's also an open-air long-term parking lot. In the garage you pay 1,200 won for the first hour and then 600 won per 15 minutes, the day rate is 12,000 won. Parking at the open-air parking lot costs 1,000 won per hour, the day rate is 8,000 won. More information about parking at Seoul Incheon Airport can be obtained via telephone number +82(0)32 741 0114.