Local transport


The fastest connection between Narita Airport and Tokyo is the Narita Express (NEX). This express train takes you in 60 minutes to Tokyo Station in the center of the Japanese capital. You can buy a ticket (reserved seats) at the counter in the Arrivals Hall. The Sobu Line also connects Narita Airport with Tokyo Station. The ride takes longer, but is also considerably cheaper than the Narita Express. Keisei Skyliner and Keisei Limited Express both run to Nippori Station, just north of Tokyo Station.

Car and bus

The airport is situated over 60 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. The easiest way to reach Narita Airport by rental car is via Higashi Kanto Expressway. Take the exit to the Shin-Kuko Expressway and choose entrance 1 or 2 of the airport (depending on the terminal you need to go to). The airport can also be reached via Route 296; you then enter via the South Gate. The way to Nariate Airport is clearly signposted on all roads.

There are several bus connections between Tokyo Narita Airport and the Japanese capital, as well as other destinations. The Airport Limousine Bus departs every 15 minutes for Tokyo City Air Terminal. Some buses run directly to a number of popular hotels. Ask for the options at the ticket counter in the Arrivals Hall.

Car rental Narita International Airport

You can find counters of car rental companies in the Arrivals Halls of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. There are three general providers (Nippon, ORIX and Japaren) and three linked to a Japanese car brand (Mazda, Nissan and Toyota).


There are sufficient taxis at Tokyo Narita Airport, but because the airport is so far away from the Japanese capital, a taxi ride can turn out to be very expensive. Keep in mind that, apart from paying the fare, you need to pay toll separately for Japanese freeways.

Airport Parking

Parking garages P1 and P2 are closest to Terminal 1 and 2 respectively. You pay 500 yen for the first hour, then 250 yen per half hour. After 4½ hours the day rate of 2,500 yen applies, every day thereafter costs 2,000 yen.

On the parking lot P3 and in the parking garage P5 you park your rental car for 1,500 yen per day. You can check online where parking places are available.