Local transport


In the Arrivals Hall in Terminal 2, there is a desk where you can buy tickets to Mumbai subway. You can reach Mumbai CST (previously Victoria) and Churchgate Station by train. There are plans for a direct subway connection to the airport.

Car and bus

The Domestic Terminal is located 26 kilometers to the north of Mumbai, the International Terminal is located 4 kilometers further away. The route to the airport is clearly indicated along all north-bound roads from Mumbai.

In the arrivals Hall of Terminal 2, there is a desk where you can buy tickets for long-distance buses, to various destinations in the surrounding areas of Mumbai. In front of the Arrivals Hall, there are bus services to various destinations in Mumbai itself. There is also a shuttle bus to the Air India building on Nariman Point.

Car rental - Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

In the Arrivals Hall, there are desks of private car rental companies, they only provide chauffeur-driven cars.


In front of the Arrivals Hall, there are plenty of taxis. You can buy a ticket in advance at a desk in the terminal (tel: +91(0)22 2682 9922) for an air-conditioned taxi, which costs around three times as much as a taxi without air-conditioning. If you do not buy a pre-paid ticket, make sure the taxi driver turns on his meter! The ride to the center of Mumbai can take 90-120 minutes!. In addition, there are also motorized rickshaws available.

Airport Parking

At the moment, there are 3,600 parking spaces at Mumbai Airport, but that number will rise considerably after the construction work on the terminals is completed. Parking spaces nearest to the terminals costs 120 rupees for up to four hours, the cheaper spaces cost half that amount.