Local transport


There is no train connection with the airport yet, but in 2006 the construction of a rail connection between the airport, Thswane and Johannesburg was started. According to expectations this will be ready for the start of the Football World Championships in 2010.

Car and bus

From Johannesburg, the highrway R24 goes to the airport. By the airport there is a rather complicated intersection that connects the R24 with the R21, this road goes to Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

Driver services are offered by Executive Carport (tel:+27(0)11 390 2062).

Buses leave from a platform in front of Terminal B. The cheapest way to get from the airport to Johannesburg is by mini bus, in the Arrivals Hall there are counters where you can purchase tickets. There are ‘unofficial’ mini buses outside the Hall.

Three times per day, a bus leaves from the airport to Durban, Luxliner (tel: +27(0)11 914 5000).

Car rental - Johannesburg International Airport

You can find counters in the Arrivals Hall for car rental companies: Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Imperial, Khaya, National, Sizwe and Tempest. You can also reserve a rental car in advance using the service EasyTerra provides, they compare the rates of several providers in a single quote.


Taxis are outside the Arrivals Hall of both terminals, these are the official taxis, recognizable by the plate with ‘taxi’ written in yellow letters, Taxi Association (tel: +27(0)11 390 1502). You will probably be addressed by illegal taxi drivers in the Arrivals Hall, do not discuss their offers, in most cases the price will be disadvantageous for you! A ride to Johannesburg takes approximately 30–40 minutes.

Airport Parking

By the Super South Gate there is an area for long-term parking for R10.00 per day (tel: +27(0)11 921 6090/6091), there is a shuttle that goes to the terminals from this parking area, Randbus (tel: (011) 979 1031/1052).

There is a parking garage with places for 4,000 cars under Terminal B, you can pay by credit card at all parking facilities.