There are two hotels at the airport:: the five star hotel Airport Sun-Intercontinental (tel: +27(0)11 961 5400) and Holiday Inn (tel: +27(0)11 975 1121). In the International Terminal there is also a small Transit Hotel (tel: +27(0)11 390 1160 or +27(0)11 921 6258) for through travelers.

The larger hotels in Johannesburg almost always maintain a shuttle bus connection with the airport, these leave in front of the exit from Terminal A, reserve a place in the shuttle bus when booking your hotel room. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

The airport has a very large range of shops, bars and restaurants, you can find these shops mainly on the first level of Terminal B. Bars and restaurants are especially on the first level of Terminal A.


On the first level of the parking garage under the International Arrivals Hall is a baggage depot (tel: +27(0)11 390 2064), for the first day you pay per suitcase R50, then R40 per day, you can pay by credit card here (MasterCard or Visa). The counter for lost and found items is in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal A across from the post office (tel: +27(0)11 978 3733 / 5571). Official porters walk around in the terminals and are recognizable by their orange uniforms, the price is R5 per suitcase.


General information counters can be found in the International Terminal A (Departures Hall and Arrivals Hall) and in Terminal B (only in the Arrivals Hall).

The Gauteng Tourism Authority Information Desk which is in the International Arrivals Hall can help you to book accommodation.


You can rent an office at the business center as well as use a fax, computer and secretarial support.

The Premier Conference Center (tel: +27(0)11 390 1084/1118) can be found in Terminal B. There are five small meeting rooms for 10-14 people, a room for seminars for 25-50 people and a large conference hall for 60-120 people. The hotels at the airport also have facilities for meetings and conferences.

Across from the International Arrivals Hall there are permanent exhibitions organized by the most important South African exporter, ABSA International Trade Bureau.

Disabled facilities

The Johannesburg Airport has recently been completely adapted for use by the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators, (a few with Braille), restrooms and telephones. Disabled people can ask for assistance through the telephone (tel: 086 7277 888, option 3). On all levels of the underground parking garage there are places reserved by the elevators for the disabled - ACSA Parking Office (tel: +27(0)11 921 6090).

Other services

There are two banks (Nedbank and ABSA) and several exchange offices in the International Arrivals Hall (Terminal A). There are ATM's in both terminals.

The airport has an extensive medical clinic (tel: +27(0)11 921 6609), with doctors, dentists and a physiotherapist, you can even undergo botox treatment there, to get rid of wrinkles.

Wireless internet is available in the International Departures Hall. At the airport there is also a museum devoted to the history of South African Airways. For guided tours in the airport (tel: +27(0)11 921 6732).