Across from the airport is the Road Lodge Hotel (tel: +27(0)219 347 303), each of the 90 rooms in this hotel have internet connection. Other hotels near the airport are Garden Court Eastern Boulevard Hotel (tel: +27(0)214 484 123) and Courtyard Suite Hotel (tel: +27(0)214 483 929). For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

The shopping area is developed by Airport Shopping Safari. There are a large range of stores, both before and after Customs. In the Duty Free area you can find, among other things, a shop specialized in South African wines.

There is one restaurant in the International Terminal, Brioche Doree (tel +27(0)219 340 922), there are also three cafés. In the Domestic Terminal there are six cafés and snack bars.


The porters at the airport all work for themselves, there are no fixed rates. If you want to hire a porter for a group (tel: +27(0)837 106 893).

There are two places to store baggage at the airport. In Domestic Arrivals (tel: +27(0)219 362 884) the charge is R15 per suitcase per day, regardless of the size. In International Departures you can store your baggage with Moda Exotica (tel:+27(0)219 362 494) for R20 per suitcase per day.

Found items are taken to the police station.


You can ask about flight information (tel: +27(0)867 277 888) or by sending your flight number via SMS to 35007. There are information counters in the Arrivals Halls.


The Premier Conference Center (tel: +27(0)219 361 118) is by the Domestic Arrivals terminal and has two larger rooms for 40–70 people and two smaller rooms for 6–10 people. The Premier Lounge is accessible for all passengers, you can buy a one time only card or a card for six uses. South African Airways and British Airways have their own lounges.

On the north side of Domestic Arrivals is a VIP lounge (tel:+27(0)219 371 233) developed by the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Disabled facilities

All the new terminals (see introduction) have outstanding accessibility for wheelchair users and other disabled people.

Other services

In every terminal you can find banks, ATM's and money exchange offices. Wireless internet is also available everywhere. There is a smoking area with internet access in the International Departures Terminal. The First Aid station (tel: +27(0)219 362 277) can be found in the Southern Office Block. The airport takes care of guided tours, which can be booked at (tel: +27(0)219 371 275). The post office is next to the Domestic Arrivals.