There are no hotels at Bogotá Airport. The nearest hotel is Embassy Suites by Hilton (Tel. +57(0)1 317 1313). Other hotels nearby the airport include Four Points by Sheraton (Tel. +57(0)1 210 5000), Bogotá Marriott (Tel. +57(0)1 4851111) and the Hoteles América (Tel. +57(0)1 212 8110). For more hotels and to book online you can go to They offer a large range of hotels at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Bogotá Airport offers a fair range of restaurants, cafés, (snack) bars and shops. The facilities for eating, drinking and shopping are expected to be expanded considerably in the new terminal, which will be operational in 2014.


There's a lost-and-found office (Tel. +57(0)1 549 8042) near the baggage claim area.


In the central hall there's an information desk (Tel. +57(0)91 425 1000) for inquiries about the airport, flight schedules and airport services.


Apart from basic facilities such as faxing, copying and internet access (at the information desks and in the VIP lounges) Bogotá Airport doesn't offer business facilities. You can find these in the business hotels nearby the airport (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

Bogotá Airport has good accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

There's one bank (Banco Popular) at Bogotá Airport to exchange money. There are also ATM's scattered around both terminals. In addition there's a pharmacy, a dry cleaner's and baby rooms.