There are no hotels at Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport, but there are plenty in the vicinity. One of the nearest hotels is the Ibis Hotel (Tel. +55(0)21 3506 4500). Other hotels nearby the airport include the Novotel (Tel. +55(0)21 3506 8500), Windsor Asturias (Tel. +55(0)21 2195 1500) and Aeroporto Othon Hotel (Tel. +55(0)21 3575 7200). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There are a limited number of restaurants, cafés, (snack) bars and shops at Santos Dumont Airport.


There are no baggage lockers at the airport. You can inquire about lost objects at the information desk.


In the central hall there's an information desk for inquiries about Santos Dumont Airport, flight schedules and airport services.


The airport doesn't offer business facilities. This may change once the expansions for the 2014 FIFA World Cup have been implemented, but until then you need to turn to hotels in the vicinity (see Hotels) for business facilities.

Disabled facilities

Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport has good accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

You'll find banks (Banco do Brasil, HSBC), exchange offices and ATM's scattered around the terminals. In addition you can access the internet via the computers at one of the internet cafés.