There are no hotels at Wellington Airport. The nearest hotel is Airport Motor Lodge (Tel. +64(0)4 380 6044), just north of the airport and Airport Motel (Tel. +64(0)4 939 7999) directly west of the airport. Other accommodations nearby Wellington Airport are the Brentwood Hotel (Tel. +64(0)4 920 0400) and Rongotai Apartments (Tel. +64(0)21 677 615). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Wellington Airport offers a good range of restaurants, cafés and (snack) bars. The number of shops isn't overwhelming, but you can spend some time here.


You can store your baggage at a counter (Tel. +64(0)4 385 5124) in the central hall. You need to show an identity card when leaving your baggage. For items lost in the terminal you can inquire via telephone number +64(0)4 385 5124. Valuables are handed over to the police (Tel. +64(0)4 494 8430) after three weeks.


Near the baggage claim area you'll find an information desk for inquiries about the airport, but also to obtain information about accommodations, transport, events and places to see. You can print information and maps. Volunteers are also walking around in the terminal to answer any questions you may have. They can be recognized by their pink shirts.


Wellington Airport has a conference center with meeting rooms ranging from small to large (2 to 100 persons). Catering can also be arranged. For reservations or more information you can call +64(0)4 385 5199.

Disabled facilities

Wellington Airport has excellent accessibility for the disabled. Apart from reserved parking places there are adapted toilets and elevators, and wheelchair ramps.

Other services

The First Aid station can be reached via telephone number +64(0)4 385 5124. There are banks, exchange offices (Travelex) and a post office, and there's a baby room. Wireless internet is available in the so-called 'food court' and in the Departure Hall.