There are no hotels at Alice Springs Airport. The nearest hotels are the Bed & Breakfast Pathdorf (Tel. +61(0)8 8952 0525), and Alice Springs Airport Motel (Tel. +61(0)8 8952 6611) in the southern part of the city. For more hotels and to book online you can go to They offer a large range of hotels at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

The facilities for eating and shopping are limited: one restaurant, one café, one souvenir shop, one jeweler, and one bookstore.


There's no separate counter for lost and found objects: the employees at the information desk can help you out. You can also inquire about lost objects via the general telephone number (+61(0)8 8951 1211).


Just next to the car rental counters you'll find a general information desk for inquiries about the airport, and flight schedules.


There are two lounges in the terminal, but Alice Springs Airport doesn't offer any further business facilities. There's a large conference center in Alice Springs.

Disabled facilities

Alice Springs Airport has excellent accessibility for the disabled. There are adapted toilets and telephones. At the information desk you can ask for a wheelchair and assistance with boarding (there are no movable passenger bridges at Alice Springs Airport).

Other services

You can change money at the Australian Way Gifts souvenir shop. There are also two ATM's: one right before security and one right after. Smoking isn't allowed anywhere at the airport but there's a smoking zone outside the restaurant. Internet access is available near the restaurant and near the information desk.