The Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center (tel. +1(0)206 244 4800) and the Rodeway Inn SeaTac (tel. +1(0)206 246 9300) are situated nearby the airport. For more hotels and on line reservations, please visit This website offers a wide range of hotels at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

After the safety check in the central terminal there are many shops, restaurants and (snack) bars. There is a wide range of take-away food that you are allowed to take with you on the plane. From sushi to hamburgers.


There are no baggage lockers available. At Ken's baggage office (at carrousels 12 and 13) you can drop off your baggage. For lost and found items, please go to room 6016 at the central hall (Mezzanine level) or fill out an on line form. You can also inquire with your airline about lost luggage.

Seattle Airport has special Send-It-Home kiosks before every safety check. If you are accidentally carrying a prohibited item in your hand luggage, you can send it home from one of these self-service kiosks. From Ken's baggage office you can wrap and send these items.


All terminals have service desks that have information about the airport and timetables. At Sea-Tac, there are many volunteers that can assist you. You can recognize them from their blue jackets or their purple and red clothing.


The Sea-Tac Airport Conference Center (tel. +1(0)206 439 6602) is located at walking distance of the terminal. It offers a comprehensive service: office and meeting rooms and catering. Please read this brochure for more information.

The Regus Business Centers Express is located in hall C. Here you will find individual work stations with all kind of business facilities. There are also possibilities in this business center for charging laptops and mobile phones. Laptop lane (Northern Satellite) offers similar facilities.

Access for disabled people

Sea-Tac has toilets for people with reduced mobility and (TDD) telephones for the hearing impaired. There are especially reserved parking spaces for disabled people on the fourth and fifth floors of the parking garage. Furthermore, the airport has wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets. When you need extra assistance at the airport, please contact your airline in advance and call Huntleigh (tel. +1(0)206 433 5287).

Other services

All terminals have banks, exchange offices and ATMs. There is free Wi-Fi and mobile phone and mp3 charging points throughout the airport. Laptop lane (Northern Satellite) is a center where you can connect to the internet, fax, make photocopies or phone calls. There are also internet telephones, which allow you to check your email or find information on line. The entire airport is decorated with modern art.