There is one hotel established at the airport, Ramada Plaza Hotel (tel: +1(0)718 995 9000). There are many other hotels in the vicinity of the airport, including Best Western JFK Airport (tel: +1(0)718 977 2100), Comfort Inn JFK (tel: +1(0)718 977 0001), Holiday Inn JFK (tel: +1(0)718 659 0200), Hilton Garden Inn (tel: +1(0)718 322 4448) and JFK Courtyard by Marriott (tel: +1(0)718 848 2121). These and other hotels have a free shuttle bus connection with the airport. In all Arrival Halls there are counters for hotel reservations. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There is an enormous range of shops, restaurants and bars at JFK Airport. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can always take the AirTran to another terminal. Keep in mind that the total travel time along the terminals amounts to eight minutes.


For lost and found items (tel: +1(0)718 244 4225).

There are two places where you can store baggage: in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 1 (tel:+1(0)718 751 2947) and in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 4 (tel: +1(0)718 751 4020). Depending on the size of your baggage it costs $4.00-$16.00 per day.


In all terminals there are kiosks from Traveler’s Aid where you can get information about the airport and assistance with, for example, your airline ticket or a lost passport. The main office of Traveler’s Aid (tel: +1(0)718 646 4870) can be found in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 6. There are also general information counters from the airport. The personnel are recognizable by their red jackets.

In the baggage halls you can find information counters about public transportation.


In all terminals there are facilities such as fax, computers with internet and courier services. The Ramada Plaza Hotel (see Hotels) offers extensive business services, this hotel has flexible dividable meeting and conference rooms for 50-600 people.

Disabled facilities

The airport is accessible for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted elevators and restrooms. In all terminals there are text telephones available. In the parking garages there are places reserved for disabled travelers where they can park their car at a reduced rate, you can reserve one of these places through Five Star Parking (tel: +1(0)718 244 4168).

Other services

In all terminals there are banks, money exchange offices and ATM's. There is a fully equipped post office (tel: +1(0)718 995 3368) in Building 250 on North Boundary Road. In the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 3 you can rent a mobile telephone. The medical center is in Building 198, and you can call for First Aid at one of the service counters or (tel: +1(0)718 656 5344).