There are several hotels located close to the airport. For example, Hampton Inn Anchorage is only a few miles away. For more hotels and online reservations please go to This website offers a great number of hotel rooms at competitive rates.

Shopping and Dining

Both terminals offer shops, restaurants, bars and fast-food options. In addition to this, the international terminal offers duty-free shopping.


Luggage depots can be found in both terminals. Depending on its size the costs are $5 or $7 per item per day. The south terminal also offers freezer storage opposite the Continental Airlines desk. Here it is possible to freeze your fish for $12 or $15 per box, per day.

For lost and found items please contact the office opposite Northwest Airlines desk (C) (tel. +1 (0)907 266 2623).


All terminals have service desks which can provide you with information about the airport and flight schedules. These desks are operated by volunteers. In the southern terminal you will find the Visitor's Information Center near arrivals (tel. +1(0)907 266 2437). In the international (North) terminal you will find the Information Center in the lobby (tel. +1(0)907 266 2657). There is another Visitor's Information Center in the Transit lounge (tel. +1(0)907 248 0162).


The airport offers free Wi-Fi internet access and there is a meeting room available near Gate C-1. For more information, tel. +1(0)907 66 7543.

Access for Disabled People

Disabled people can easily access the airport. For example, there are adapted elevators and restrooms. For onsite assistance please contact tel. +1(0)907 248 0378.

Other Services

The terminals have banks, exchange offices and ATMs. There are several art displays around the airport. You can walk your dog in several especially assigned locations in both terminals.