There are no hotels at the airport. Between the airport and San José there are several hotels including the Marriott 3 kilometers (tel: +506 298 0000), Hampton Inn & Suites, 1 kilometer (tel: +506(0)436 0000), Hotel Aeropuerto (tel: +506(0)442 0354) and Los Volcanes Bed & Breakfast (tel: +506(0)441 0525).

Shops and restaurants

There is a limited range of shops, the majority being souvenir shops. For eating and drinking you are referred to one of the fast food chains such as Burger King, Church's Chicken and Papa John's, that have quite high prices.


Baggage handling is not very efficient, you often have to wait half an hour or longer for the first suitcases to appear on the baggage band, especially if your airplane arrives after 18:00. There is a counter for lost and found items in the Arrivals Hall. You cannot store baggage.

For flights with small planes of the Costa Rican companies, Nature Air and Sansa count on strict baggage limits. You may only take 11 kilos per person, this weight includes your hand baggage, heavy baggage is simply refused.


In the Arrivals Hall you can find a general information counter and several windows from travel agencies and tour operators.


There are no business facilities. The owner, Alterra, plans to build a business lounge with limited business facilities.

Disabled facilities

The terminal is reasonably accessible for the disabled. There are adapted restrooms and elevators. In the new terminal there will be more services for disabled travelers.

Other services

There are three ATM's in the terminal, one by Boarding Room 4, one in the International Arrivals Hall and one by the exit, on the exterior of the building. Exchange only a small amount of money at the money exchange office in the Arrivals Hall as the exchange rate at the airport is very unfavorable compared to the banks in the city. Ask for smaller denominations (up to 20 dollars) because larger amounts are often not accepted.