There are no hotels at the airport, but there are many hotels and vacation resorts close to the airport. To name a few: Hotel Tenerife Golf (tel: +34(0)922 738 566), Hotel Ucanca (tel: +34(0)922 390 776), Jacaranda (tel: +34(0)922 712 227) and Mediterranean Palace (tel: +34(0)922 794 400). For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There is a good range of shops, restaurants and bars. There are seven snack bars and cafes, seven restaurants and a large number of shops. Be advised: the Canary Islands have a separate status, there are limits on the export of tobacco and alcohol. The prices are significantly lower than on the Spanish mainland.


You can go to the general information counter in the Central Hall for lost and found items. You cannot store baggage.


In the Central Hall there is a general information counter that is accessible through the general telephone number (tel: +34(0)922 759 510).


You can find the Montaña Roja VIP Lounge (tel: +34(0)922 759 425) on the first level, this lounge can be arranged in several ways for meetings and conferences, there are also facilities such as fax, telephone and computers with internet access.

Disabled facilities

The airport is accessible for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, adapted restrooms and elevators. There are parking places reserved for the disabled right in front of the terminal.

Other services

There is a bank, Caja Canarias, open from 08:30–14:00 and there are ATM's, there is also a post office. You can find a children’s play corner, a pharmacy and a First Aid post in the Central Hall. There is a silence center on the first level.