In between terminals B and F you'll find the Kora VIP Hotel (Tel. +7(0)495 578 3696), a transit hotel. Other hotels nearby the airport include Park Inn Sheremetyevo Airport (Tel. +7(0)495 232 2220), Novotel Moscow Sheremetyevo (Tel. +7(0)495 626 5900) and Atlanta Sheremetyevo Hotel (Tel. +7(0)495 972 0494). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There's one restaurant (Vylet) at Sheremetyevo Airport. In addition, there are cafés and (snack) bars, including an Irish pub. The range of shops is good, but not overwhelming, with many duty-free shops and electronics shops.


You can deposit your baggage at a counter near the baggage claim area. Here you can also inquire about lost objects (accessible via telephone number +7(0)495 578 2391 in Terminal F). You can also have your baggage wrapped in plastic at Sheremetyevo Airport.


There are information desks (Tel. +7(0)495 232 6565) in all terminals to inquire about Sheremetyevo Airport, flight schedules, transport facilities and airport services. The Russian Tourist Office (Tel. +7(0)495 578 5971) has a counter in the international Terminal F.


The airport has several VIP lounges, information via telephone number +7(0)495 788 7357. In Terminal F there's also a business center with some meeting rooms. Extensive business facilities can be found at the Novotel Moscow Sheremetyevo (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport has reasonable accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

You'll find banks, exchange offices and ATM's scattered around the terminals. The First Aid station in Terminal F can be reached via telephone number +7(0)495 578 7838. In Terminal F you have free access to wireless internet (Wi-Fi). Wi-Fi is also available in the other terminals, but at a cost. In the Sheremetyevo Creative Gallery changing exhibitions are being held.