The Neohotel Airport (tel. +48(0)12 62 606 88) is only a few kilometers away from the airport. For more hotels and online reservations, please visit This website offers a wide range of hotels at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

Both terminals have shops, restaurants and (snack) bars.


The baggage lockers are in T1. For lost and found items (T1) please contact tel. +48(0)12 285 5121 or tel. +48(0)12 639 34 44. There is a baggage depot in T2.


Both terminals have information desks where you can get information about the airport and timetables. At the arrival hall of T1 you will find the tourist information (tel. +48(0)12 285 53 41).


The meeting rooms and reception areas are in the VIP Rooms. The airport also has a Meet & Assist service, to simplify and speed up your check-in and customs check. For information about VIP & Business service, please contact (tel. +48(0)12 639 33 54).

The business lounges of T1 are equipped with all comforts (internet, catering, newspapers and TV).

Access for disabled people

There is a blue path at the airport in order to improve disabled people's mobility. The airport has clear signs, special phones, waiting areas with adapted sofas, wheel chair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets. There are especially reserved parking spaces for disabled people.

Other services

Both terminals have ATMs. T1 has an exchange office. Both terminals have First Aid stations. T1 has a post office, wireless internet and a prayer room/chapel.