There are no hotels at the airport. A few hotels are situated by the airport in Cinisi: Floria Park Hotel (tel: +39(0)918 684 222) and Magaggiari Hotel Resort (tel: +39(0)918 665 351). The coastal city of Trapani is also not far from the airport., where there is a larger range of hotels. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Palermo Airport has a limited shopping area on the second level of the terminal, you can also find a self-service restaurant there, there is a snack bar on each level.


In the Arrivals Hall there are two different windows for lost and found items, one for Alitalia (tel: +39(0)917 020 208) and one for all other companies (tel: +39(0)917 020 209).


In the Arrivals Hall there is a service kiosk for general airport and flight information as well as hotel reservations.


On the first level of the terminal there are two VIP lounges, one for Alitalia passengers and one for passengers of other airline companies (tel: +39(0)917 020 629).

Disabled facilities

The airport is very accessible for wheelchair users and there are adapted elevators and restrooms. The Sala Amica Lounge (tel: +39(0)917 020 630) has special services for the disabled.

Other services

There is a bank (Bank of Sicily), open 08:30-13:00 and 14:45-19:15, and there are two ATM's in the Arrivals Hall. A post office is open from 08:30-18:15, except for Sundays and public holidays. The Red Cross First Aid station is available at (tel: +39(0)915 916 47). On the second level of the terminal there is an ecumenical chapel. Babies can be looked after in the Sala Amica Lounge.

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