There are no hotels at the airport. In the area, a good option is Hotel Frederico2 (tel. +39(0)731211079). For more hotels and online reservations, please go to This website offers a great number of hotels for competitive internet rates.

Shopping and Dining

At Ancona Airport you will find a few shops, restaurants, bars and fast-food options. In addition to a duty-free shop, there are several shops offering local specialties.


For lost and found please call +39(0)712827296.


You can find general information about the airport at the desk near the arrival lounge. You can also call +39(0)7128271 or send an email to


Ancona Airport offers a VIP-Lounge with TV and internet. In addition to that Ancona Airport has several meeting rooms for rent starting from EUR 35.00 per hour. You can make a reservation through the airport's general telephone or fax number.

Access for Disabled People

Ancona Airport is very easy accessible for disabled people. The airport has wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets. Near the terminal there are several reserved parking spaces for disabled people.

Other Services

At the terminal there is a bank, exchange office and an ATM. Furthermore, there is first aid assistance present.