There is no hotel at the airport. The River Island Hotel (tel. +353(0)64 662 1100) lies 7 kilometers from the airport. A little further away is the Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa (tel. +353(0)64 661 1766). For more hotels and on line reservations, please visit This website offers a wide range of hotels, at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

The airport has a souvenir shop, a restaurant and a bar.


For lost and found items, please go to the information desk or contact tel. +353(0)66 976 4644.


At the central hall there is an information desk, which provides information about the airport, tickets and timetables. Here, you can also get tourist information, assistance, exchange money or book your transport or hotel room.


The airport has Wi-Fi. For other business facilities, please contact customer service (tel. +353(0)66 976 4644).

Access for disabled people

The airport has excellent facilities for disabled people. For example, you can park very near the terminal (short term parking). If you require assistance or transport at the airport you can contact (tel. +353(0)66 976 44) or send an email to customer service. Please, inform your airline too (Ryan Air tel. +353(0)12 497 761). For more information about airport facilities and services please download this brochure.

Other services

There is a money exchange at the information desk. There is an ATM. The airport has Wi-Fi facilities. For more information, please go to customer service in the central hall.