There are a few hotels near the airport. Such as B & B Hotels (tel. +49(0)65 43 8180-0), Hotel Bergdorf (tel. +49(0)53 26 9191-0) and Hotel Schinderhannes (tel. +48(0)65 43 2018). For more hotels and on line reservations, please visit This website offers a wide range of hotels at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

At the terminal there are shops restaurants and (snack) bars.


There are baggage lockers at the terminal near parking P1. Rate: EUR 3.00 per suitcase. For lost and found items, please contact tel. +49(0)6 543 508 010 or tel. +49(0)6 543 509 111. 


There is an information desk at the terminal where you can get information about the airport and timetables.


There is Wi-Fi available at the airport.

Access for disabled people

Disabled people can park for free at parking area P1 right near the terminal's entrance. When entering, just take a ticket and after you have shown your disabled people's parking card you can exit for free. There are adapted toilets at the airport.

Other services

There are ATMs at the terminal and two banks where you can change money. The airport conducts tours (tel. +49(0)6453 501 911). There is an arcade in the building and a go-kart track near building 1001 (tel. +49(0)6453 509 950). A 9 holes golf course is located near the airport. You can rent your Golf clubs there (tel. +49(0)6453 509 560).