The Chenal hotel (tel. +33(0)3 44 060 460) lies near the airport. For more hotels and online reservations please visit This website offers a lot of hotel rooms at competitive rates.

Shopping and dining

The airport has a few shops, restaurants, bars and fast-food options.


You can inquire about lost luggage online. The airport does not have luggage depots. These have been removed due to safety hazards.


The arrivals hall has an information desk where you can get information about the airport and timetables. It is also possible to ask for tourist information over the telephone (+33 (0)3 44 11 19 59) or ask questions online.


There are four meeting rooms, which can be booked online. The rooms are fully equipped and can be booked by the hour.

Access for disabled people

The airport is easily accessible for disabled people.

Other services

The airport has an ATM and an exchange office. Orange also offers a Wi-Fi connection.