The hotel Les Jardins de la Madrague Lucciana lies close to Bastia Airport. For more hotels near the airport and online reservations, please visit This website offers a large amount of hotels at competitive (internet) rates.

Shopping and dining

In the departure hall you will find a bar and three shops. The arrivals hall has a fast food restaurant.


For information about lost and found objects please contact your airline. For Air France please call: tel. +33(0)82 577 5775.


There is an information desk in the central hall which offers information on the airport, timetables and regional tourist attractions. For more information please call: tel. +33(0)49 554 5454.


There are no business facilities. However, in the central hall there is a communication center with telephone and free Wi-Fi.

Access for disabled people

The airport has adapted elevators and toilets. Also, there are reserved parking spaces in front of the terminal. Do you need extra help on departure or arrival? Then please inform your travel agency or airline. The airport will provide for a wheelchair or any other type of required assistance.

Other services

There are an ATM and a first-aid post in the departure hall.