There is no shortage of hotels along the ‘Turkish Riviera’. The nearest hotel is IC Hotel Airport 1 kilometer away (tel: +90(0)242 463 1010). The Sheraton Voyager Antalya Hotel (tel: +90(0)242 238 5555) and the Divan Talya Hotel Antalya (tel: +90(0)242 248 6800) are approximately 12 kilometers from the airport, both hotels are on the sea. For more hotels and to reserve online you can go to, they have a large range of hotels with great internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There is a reasonable range of shops, restaurants and bars but the prices for eating and drinking are extremely high.


There is a counter for lost and found items by the check-in counter (tel: +90(0)242 330 3600). You cannot store baggage at this airport.


There are two general service counters: one in the Arrivals Hall (tel: +90(0)242 330 3600 extension 1120) and one in the Departures Hall (tel: +90(0)242 330 3600 extension 1123/4).


The VIP lounge from Turkish Airlines offers modest business services such as fax, telephone and copying facilities. There are no meeting rooms to rent, but you can find them in the IC Hotel Airport for a maximum of 200 people, in the Sheraton Voyager Antalya Hotel for a maximum of 700 people and in the Divan Talya Hotel Antalya (see Hotels).

Disabled facilities

The airport is accessible for the disabled. There are adapted elevators and restrooms. If you need assistance you should go to your airline.

Other services

There are ATM's and public telephones. In the Arrivals Hall there is a money exchange office, but the exchange rate outside the airport is a lot better. There is also a post office. First Aid can be called through the general service counters.