The Robero Hotel (Tel. +82(0)64 757 7111) is located at the airport. As the airport is only at a short distance from the city center you can easily choose to stay at a hotel in Jeju. For example the KAL (Korean Air Lines) Hotel (Tel. +82(0)64 724 2001), Ramada Plaza Jeju (Tel. +82(0)64 729 8100), Hyatt Regency Jeju (Tel. +82(0)64 733 1234) or the Jeju Oriental Hotel (Tel. +82(0)64 752 8222). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Jeju Airport is not known as a shopping paradise. There's a limited range of restaurants, cafés, (snack) bars and shops.


Inquiries about lost objects can be made with the airport police (Tel. +82(0)64 746 1984).


In both the Arrivals and Departure Halls there are information desks (Tel. +82(0)64 797 2525) for inquiries about Jeju Airport, flight schedules and airport services.


There are no business facilities at Jeju Airport. There's a VIP Room (Tel. +82(0)64 797 2334). The Robero Hotel at the airport (see Hotels) has meeting space and conference rooms available.

Disabled facilities

Jeju Airport has reasonable accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets.

Other services

In the Arrivals Hall you can find a exchange office and ATM's. There's also a children's playground in the terminal. The First Aid station can be reached via telephone at +82(0)64 797 2595.