Car rental Malaysia

Car rental Malaysia

General information and regulations

In order to drive a car you must be 18 years old in Malaysia and 23 years old to rent a car. In addition, you are required to have held your license for 2 years. Traffic travels on the left and seatbelts are mandatory. An international driver's license is not mandatory yet strongly recommended. Apply for one to avoid any problems.

Driving after heavy rains can be dangerous and even a cab will cost you more during this period (risky rides are more expensive). Furthermore, drivers have to observe the unwritten road rules: police officers wave their hands if motorcycles want to pass aside cars. Take notice of these gestures because they are crucial.

Speed limits are: on closed (toll)roads 70mph/110kph, on local roads 55mph/70-90kph. In urban areas, the speed limit is 38mph/60kph.

Driving in Malaysia with a rental car

Western and Eastern Malaysia are separated by the South-Chinese Sea. Possible trips depend on the city of arrival. A popular journey is the one from North to South (or vice versa). This is about 1,000 km and the relatively low population density makes the trip easier than expected.

Naturally, the urban areas are more crowded although driving through the cities is a pleasant activity. Roads are repaired swiftly after heavy rains and along the roads, one will find sufficient fuel stations and places to stay overnight.

A trip from Johor Bahru to Pulau Pinang (for example) can be accomplished in a few days. Arriving in Kuala Lumpur entails a huge advantage; you will already be halfway on the trip.

Renting a car in Malaysia

Renting a car is easy on Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The prominent car rental companies are all present here. You can use the services of Avis, Hertz, Thrifty and National.

Another option is renting a car through EasyTerra, an organization that compares rates of local car rental companies for your convenience.