Local transport


The Kansai Airport train station is located opposite the Arrivals Hall.

The JR West Haruka departs to Tennoji (30 minutes), Shin-Osaka (45 minutes) and Kyoto (over 70 minutes).

A cheaper option is the JR Rapid Service, which also goes to Tennoji and then to Osaka station (over 60 minutes), where you can switch trains to Kobe or Kyoto.

The Nankai rapi:t trains go to Namba Station in Osaka (30 minutes).

The cheapest way to get to Osaka by train is the Nankai Rapid Service, which also stops at Namba Station, but which takes a little longer (over 40 minutes).

Car and bus

The airport is located at 50 kilometers to the southwest of Osaka. Because the airport is located on an artificial island, there is only one entry point, across a toll bridge, depending on the size of car, it costs 1,200-1,800 yen, information via (tel: +81(0)72 455 2278). The bridge connects to the Hanwa Expressway.

In front of the Arrivals Hall there are buses from Airport Limousine (tel: +81(0)72 456 6280), which take you directly to the hotel area and other destinations in and around Osaka, including to Kobe and the domestic airport, Itami.

Kaijo Access (tel: +81(0)72 456 6458) provides a fast boat connection to Kobe airport, travel time is approximately 30 minutes. A shuttle bus connects the terminal to the departure point of this ferry.

Car rental - Osaka Kansai International Airport

In the Arrivals Hall, there are desks from car rental companies: Japaren, Mazda, Nippon, Nissan, Orix and Toyota.


There are plenty of taxis, but they charge a hefty rate. A ride to the center to Osaka may costs as much as 16,000 yen!

The taxi minivans of MK Taxi and KIX HP are a cheaper option, but they need to be booked at least two days in advance (tel: +81(0)75 702 5489).

Airport Parking

The two car parks, P1 and P2, have a direct connection to the terminal building, the parking rate is 500 yen per 30 minutes, after five and a half hours, the half-daily rate starts, 3,000 yen, after 12 hours the daily rate, 4,000 yen, three days parking costs 8,000 yen. For further information about parking (tel: +81(0)72 455 2337).