There are two hotels at the airport, Jinjiang Inn Pudong Airport Hotel (tel: +86(0)21 6835 3568), website only in Chinese, and Ramada Pudong Airport Shanghai Hotel (tel: +86(0)21 3849 4949). Hotels near the airport include: Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong (tel: +86(0)21 5830 6666), InterContinental Pudong Shanghai (tel: +86(0)21 5831 8888) and the Purple Mountain Hotel (tel: +86(0)21 6886 8888). For more hotels and to reserve online, visit, they offer a wide range of hotels with very reasonable internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Shanghai Pudong has a wide variety of restaurants and other places to eat and drink. Two of the best known, and most popular restaurants are the Canglang Ting Restaurant and the Hong Fangzi Restaurant, the latter of the two serves Western food. In addition, there are many shops, the Duty Free shops are located between Gates 15 and 20.


The lost and found counter is located in the Arrivals Hall at Gate 7 (tel: +86(0)21 6834 6324), you can also store your baggage there.


In the terminal building, there are two information desks, in the Domestic Departures Hall between Gates 3 and 4 and in the International Departures Hall between Gates 11 and 12. There is a separate telephone line for flight information (tel: +86(0)21 3848 4500).


Between the Arrivals Halls for domestic and international flights, there is a business center (tel: +86(0)21 6834 6519), which offers telephone, copying and fax services, as well as computers with internet access. In addition, there is a VIP lounge, and most of the lounges of the airline companies can be found there. The two airline hotels Jinjiang Inn and Ramada (see under Hotels) offer more extensive business facilities, like meeting rooms and conference rooms.

Disabled facilities

Shanghai Pudong airport is very accessible for the disabled. There are modified elevators and toilets, as well as wheelchair slopes, text telephones are also available.

Other services

Exchange offices, banks, ATM's, telephones and internet cafés are located throughout the terminal. In the shopping area, there is a pharmacy and there are three First Aid stations: Domestic Arrivals, room A2-210 (tel: +86(0)21 6834 5328); Domestic Departures, between Gates 6 and (tel: +86(0)21 6834 5376); International Arrivals, room C2-213. In the transfer room, you can book a hotel room by the hour to rest if you have a long wait for your next flight (tel: +86(0)21 6834 6490).