There's one, fairly simple hotel at Chengdu Airport, the Airport Hotel (Tel. +86(0)28 8570 2769). Other hotels nearby the airport include Ju Long Airport Hotel (Tel. +86(0)28 8570 4101), Homeland Hotel Chengdu and the Sanpin Business Hotel. For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

There's only one restaurant in the old terminal (Tel. +86(0)28 8570 2359), but it consists of three floors. There's a large dining-hall on the first floor, smaller dining rooms on the second floor and a tearoom on the third floor. You'll find more cafés and (snack) bars in the new terminal.

There's also a duty-free shop with a wide variety of cigarettes, wine and liquor as well as a huge collection of Chinese tea and other local specialties.


There's a lost-and-found desk (Tel. +86(0)28 8520 5389) near the baggage claim area in the Arrivals Hall.


There are information desks in the both the Arrivals and Departure Halls of both terminals; they can be reached via the general telephone number +86(0)28 8570 2649.


There's a small business center with faxes, photocopiers and computers with internet access in the Departure Hall.

Disabled facilities

Chengdu Airport has reasonable accessibility for the disabled. The new terminal has better accessibility for disabled persons than the old terminal. There are wheelchair ramps and adapted elevators and toilets in terminal 2.

Other services

You'll find banks, exchange offices and ATM's scattered around the terminals. There are also hairdressers, massage parlors, shoeshine boys and tourist information desks. The First Aid station is located on floor 2F of the Departure Hall. Here you'll also find smoking rooms and lounges. Internet access is only available via the computers in the Business Center (see Business).