Local transport


The Airport Express Line is a subway line which brings you quickly to Beijing's center. The subway runs from Terminal 3, via Terminal 2 to Sanyuanqiao and Dongzhimen stations in the Chinese capital. A ride only takes 20 minutes.

Car and bus

The international airport is situated 32 kilometers northeast of Beijing's city center. The airport is easily accessible: you can reach the airport by rental car via no less than four roads. The Airport Expressway runs from the third ring road to terminals 1 and 2, the second Airport Expressway runs from the fifth ring road to Terminal 3. And there are also the Northern and Southern Airport Line. For all these roads you need to pay a toll.

There are excellent bus connections between Beijing International Airport and various places in the city, including Xidan, Fangzhuang, the train station, Zhongguancun, and Nanyuan Airport (for domestic flights with China United Airlines). For information about bus services you call +86(0)10 6459 4375/6.

Car rental Beijing Capital International Airport

In the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 2 there are counters of Chinese and international car rental companies: Avis, Top One, China Auto Rental and Shouqi. In Terminal 3 only one rental company is present: Hertz.

Attention: an international driver's license isn't valid in China. You can only drive a car with a Chinese driver's license. For foreigners there are temporary driver's licenses available. The car rental company can assist you.


There are plenty of taxis (Tel. +86(0)10 6455 8892) available at Beijing International Airport. There's a minimum fee of RMB 10 for the first three kilometers; after that you pay RMB 2 per kilometer. If the ride is more than 15 kilometers (which is always the case if you want to go to Beijing) there's a surcharge of 50% on the total fare, for the driver to return.

Airport Parking

Most international travelers will arrive at or depart from Terminal 3. Near this terminal you'll find parking garage P3 (Tel. +86(0)10 6453 2046) which can accommodate 3400 cars. The first 30 minutes are free. The next half hour costs RMB 6 and then RMB 5 per half hour. The day rate is RMB 80.