Car rental Tunisia

Car rental Tunisia

General information and regulations

In order to drive a car in Tunisia you have to be 18 years old. Renting a car is possible from the age of 21. Similar to Egypt (Cairo), Tunisia is a 'defensive driving' region. Seatbelts are mandatory in the front of the car and traffic drives at the right.

The speed limits are: in the city: 31mph/50kph, although in reality speeds are higher. On the highway, the speed limit is 69mph/110kph although during a sandstorm it is recommended to slow down. If you want to enter a desert region, you have to contact the National Guard. Entering the Sahara without doing this is prohibited.

Please note that in case of a traffic accident you will be waiting a long time before you can leave the police station. Settling a fine or liability in an accident is a tiring affair.

Driving in Tunisia with a rental car

A popular trip is the drive from Tunis to Matmata (Sahara). This is a 450 km drive and runs through several backdrops of the Star Wars Saga. Many traditional underground "troglodyte" structures can be seen here and some hotels are located underground.

A somewhat more refreshing experience is a visit to coastal towns such as Sousse and Mahdia. The latter is an impressive harbor town with beautiful city gates and colorful fishing boats, located 200 km from Tunis. The beaches in this region are regarded as the best of Tunisia.

Besides the charming amphitheatre in El Djem (30 km from Mahdia) and the beautiful Cartage (ancient Phoenician trading town at 10 km from Tunis), the oases of Tozeur and Douz are well worth a visit. Caravan trips and camel rides often result in the dreamlike experience of a Fata Morgana.

Renting a car in Tunisia

There are several car rental companies at Tunis Carthage International Airport: Avis, Budget, Hertz and Sixt. In addition, there are some smaller rental companies, but you really have to check the state of the car and additional costs here.

Another option is booking a car through EasyTerra. This website compares the rates of well-established car rental companies for your convenience.