There are no hotels at Antananarivo Airport, but there are some accommodations along the access road, including Hotel Manoir Rouge (Tel. +261(0)32 4026 097), Orchid Hôtel‎ (Tel. +261(0)20 2244 203) and Le Relais des Plateaux Ivato‎ (Tel. 261(0)20 2244 122). In the city you'll find more luxurious hotels, like Grand Hôtel du Louvre (Tel. +261(0)20 2239 000), Hotel Carlton (Tel. +261(0)20 2226 060) and Sakamanga Hotel (Tel. +261(0)20 2235 809). For more hotels and to book online you can go to They offer a large range of hotels at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Antananarivo Airport has a limited number of restaurants, (snack) bars and shops. As for shopping, apart from the duty-free shop, there are mainly souvenir shops. 


You cannot store your baggage at Antananarivo Airport. At the information desk in the central hall you can inquire about lost objects.


In the central hall there's an information desk for inquiries about Antananarivo Airport, and flight schedules.


Antananarivo Airport offers no business facilities. For this you need to turn to the business hotels in the city center (see Hotels). There's also a new conference and exhibition complex, the Centre de Conférence Internationale Ivato, just south of the airport.

Disabled facilities

Antananarivo Airport has reasonable accessibility for the disabled. All facilities are on the first floor.

Other services

There are exchange offices and ATM's in the central hall. The First Aid station is in the Arrivals Halls and can be reached via the general telephone number.